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Top 10 Best Redmi 4A Back Cover Cases online in India

Browse Xiaomi Redmi 4A Back Cover Cases

Redmi 4A is the second member of Xiaomi Redm 4 series. Xiaomi Redmi 4A launched after Redmi Note 4 and before the current Redmi 4 Prime device. The Redmi 4A comes at a very low budget price with 4G VOLTE support. You will find unique back cover for Redmi 4A with price value, style matter and protection in this post. Transparent and Dual armor cases are my best pick for redmi 4a back cover. Other than that you can reflect your favorite color with solid case or transparent case. I have put my best to keep redmi 4a back cover priced under 300 so you have not to think twice before firing buy now button.  

Epic Back Cover Cases for Redmi 4A

redmi 4a back cover gold

This listing includes all those hard to find dual layer cases.
TheGiftKart special edition rugged redmi 4a back cover comes in golden color. It has dual layer of protection. The above hard shock proof and blast proof layer is made with polycarbonet and the inner soft layer with TPU. It has thick padding on the camera side to prevent it from direct contact with base.

redmi 4a back cover

 ProElite rugged armor case features pseudo carbon fiber style in various color variants. It comes with air cushion technology which prevent your device from shocks. ProElite case made with soft TPU material which protect phone from scratches, water drops and dusts.

redmi 4a back cover combo

 Newlike combo brings both Sline back cover with tempered glass at the price of case. The S line case is made with silicone material which prevent scratches and dust inside the cover. Tempered glass will prevent display and touch damage. So a handful combo of useful accessory for your redmi device.

redmi 4a back cover

Trakan Dual layer protective case comes with bumper and back cover. It provides bumps protection. The cover itself is scratch resistant.

Printed design Redmi 4A Back Cover

Printed cases look wonderful on budget devices. So, we have collected few out of the sea of printed
back cases for your Redmi device.

redmi 4a back cover

Flipkart smartbuy back cover portrait oily painting of vintage car at highway. It uses plastic material. It provide protection against scratches and does not get scratched out itself.

redmi 4a back cover

Noise Together Love case is a wonderful gift item for your loving one. It is made with hard unbreakable polycarbonate material. It provide protection from dust, scratches and bumps.

redmi 4a back cover

Redmi 4A captain america shield case is made by Noise. Noise case is as strong as shield. It is made with polycarbonate material which prevents your device from bumps and drops. Noise also listed more marvel and star war cases at

Redmi 4A Transparent Back Cover Cases w or w/o Bumper

redmi 4a back cover

 Tarkan shock proof transparent back case comes with air cushion corners. It is made with quality material which absorb shock and prevent device from electrical defects. It looks stylish and provide protection alongside.

redmi 4a back cover

7Case transparent back cover comes with golden bumper for style purpose. It is made with soft and flexible silicone material. It has 4 star rating on review by 2 verified users.

Imported Rubberized Hard Back Cover for Redmi 4A

redmi 4a back cover

This range of hard back cover cases in various colors available at You can choose to buy any color with or without combo offer. The combo offer includes premium quality tempered glass with back cover. It has matte finish and made with hard plastic material. These cases are scratches proof.

Have any suggestion or already using any cases, please review using the comment section below. Other Redmi users are waiting to hear from you about your experience with these cases.

Top 13 Vivo V5, V5s & V5 Plus Back Cover Cases

Browse Vivo V5, V5 Plus & V5s Back Cover Cases

Vivo flasgship device V5, V5s &  V5 plus all comes with variation in specification only but has same dimensions. All the item listed in this post will fit on V5, V5s and V Plus precisely. Vivo V5 comes with premium design but still it is prone to environment. It is good to safeguard your phone with protective case. In this case I suggest silicone back cover case for your v5 plus. Although, you have freedom to choose a fancy back cover for your phone, but leave it on expert for the better suggestion. I have listed best vivo v5 plus back cover cases in this post keeping protection of your phone my first priority. These cases does not corrode your smartphone or leave ugly impression to audience.

Cornercut Matte Finish Silicone Back Cover Cases for Vivo V5 Plus

vivo v5 back cover

This cornercut matte finish back cover case is made with light weighted silicon material which weigh only 18g. Best for you Vivo v5 which is heavy enough already. This dust proof case protect your device from dust and scratches. The case itself is scratch resistant too for rough placement.

vivo v5 back cover
Same as #1 it comes in bright red color with button gaps. The red variant looks more trendy than the blue variant. Both are available at same price at

back cover for vivo v5
Same as above two with more variation of colors and vivid matte finish on rear. You can find these vivo v5 plus back cover cases at ebay with difference in price.

Mirror/Acrylic Metal Vivo V5 Back Cover Cases

Mirror cases has one major advantage which is it looks damn premium. Also it reflect you or anything else comes into contact as clear as a mirror do. These cases are only designed for premium smartphones. Good luck on exploring them.

back cover for vivo v5 plus

SDO acrylic back cover is designed using premium metal material which neither react with your phone nor does it scratch. It is made to fit absolutely on your device. It has custom cutout design to give access to power button and volume rockers.

vivo v5 plus back cover

Acrylic vivo v5 mirror cover comes in golden color. Similar to above, it has precise cutouts for button and installed easily in your device. It protect phone from scratches and spills and attract your audience toward your phone. It weighs only 50g including the back and bumper.

back cover for vivo v5

Yet another vivo v5 back cover from the house of SDO a leading Chinese back cover export company. SDO case is available on bright rose gold color. It looks so wonderful and fit so precisely that you forget you ever had a back cover.

Transparent Silicone Vivo V5 Plus Back Cover w/ or w/o Bumper

Transparent cases are for those who wants to show how perfect their phone looks like but with a case.

back case for vivo v5 plus

Top grade transparent vivo v5 back cover comes with gold color bumper. It is made with silicone which is known for being light and protective. It retains rear branding and protect your device from dust and scratches.

vivo v5 transparent back cover
PralQ vivo v5 plus back cover is completely naked. It is soft as it is made with silicone it has weight of just 9g. You can wash it with water. It does retains its quality in long run.

Rugged Armor & Sniper Back Cases for Vivo V5/Plus

Rugged cases are rough & touch case which is made for protection. But, their are designed in a way to look cool and badass. Have a look at top armor cases for vivo v5.

vivo v5 plus back cover

Zaedak rugged back cover for Vivo V5 is made with silicone material. It provides complete protection to your device from all environmental damages. Zaedak vivo v5 back cover rugged case has ultra slim thickness and rugged design makes it easier to hold in hand and provide ultimate grip. It is easy to install and remove, no necessary wears and tears required.

back cover for vivo v5

This armor case is available at It has a very user friendly design with a kickstand to enjoy movies and games with controller. It comes in 6 different color variants at same price. This vivo v5 plus armor cover outer layer is made with polycarbonate and inner layer with TPU.

back cover for vivo v5 plus

Excelsior Vivo v5 back cover comes with unique camo style. It has dual layer for bother outer and inner protection. The outer layer is made with hard polycarbonate material and the soft inner layer is made with TPU material. In simple words, this case provides you complete protection, style and most over everything, style.

360° Protection Back & Front Cover Assembly

If you need complete protection on both front and back go with these cases.

vivo v5 back cover

This is the super slim and light weighted back cover for your vivo v5 plus and variants. It comes with precise screen cut out tempered glass for front protection. It protect your device from accidental drops, bumps dust and scratches. A perfect investment for your expensive android phone provided by iPaky.

vivo v5 back case

This case provide 360 degree complete safeguard with the luster of metal. It has 3 different layers of protection, it has back protection cover, front protection cover with screen protected tempered glass. All such at the price of under 300.

Have any suggestion or already using any cases, please review using the comment section below. Other Vivo V5 users are waiting to hear from you about your experience with these cases.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Windows 10 ISO file Download in 32/64 Bit with KMS Activator

Windows 10 is the most anticipated variant of Windows Modern/Flat architecture. The new Windows 10 brings all modern apps, games and traditional windows software under one desktop. With windows 10 you don't need to switch to the other interface to use modern apps.

windows 10 iso

What makes Windows 10 to cool is the evergreen start menu icon. In this post I am sharing links to download Windows 10 x86 and x64 ISO file which you can burn into CD and make a bootable USB file. What's more we will help you to crack windows 10 with the latest version of KMS Pico.

But before, lets we read some cool features of Windows 10 - 

1. Windows 10 brings execution of modern apps and traditional software under one screen.
2. Windows 10 is operationally faster than Windows 10.
3. It brings whole new layout of lock screen.
5. Cortona is introduced in Windows 10, in order to run it you need to switch to Microsoft account.
6. It introduced their new browser Microsoft Edge. Although the edge is fast and load page in Snap, it has also combined with few utilities. Download it and explore them by yourself.
7. Start menu icon is re-introduced.

Download Windows 10 32 Bit ISO file from here. File Size - 2.84 GB
Download Windows 10 64 Bit ISO file from here. File Size - 3.80 GB

How to Crack Windows 10 32 Bit and 64 Bit?

First, download this file KMS Pico Crack from here (zippyshare link). Make sure to launch it as administrator.
Wait for around 5 minutes, the exe file will make alerts and beeps, just ignore it. After around 5 minute your windows will be activated.
To check the status type My Computers on search bar and right click on it then select properties. Scroll to the very bottom which show Windows is activated message with Key.

Please note - Your Antivirus might display torjan or adware alert. Just ignore, its a crack anyway.

All set up, enjoy and share.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

How to Reinstall PS4 Software from USB Pen Drive

In this tutorial I will show you how to reinstall or reinitialize PS4 software using USB pen drive. The same implies to  external hard disk too.

ps4 bricked

Now you've bricked your PS4 and it asking to install software update. We are assuming that it is not using your internet to download update. To make your Play Station 4 working again you need to download the update file first. You need to have either USB pen drive 2.0 or 3.0 both works well or external hard disk. Fast internet connection is required as you are going to download a large file.

Follow the steps to reinstall PS4 software update. 

Step 1. Download the software update from this link. Scroll down untill you find the download link like the below picture.

Step 2. Connect pen drive with your computer. The official page state to have USB 3.0 pen drive but this works with any standard 2.0 flash drive too. Format your pen drive either in FAT or exFAT format first.

Step 3. Once after format, create folder PS4 and inside it make UPDATE folder. Put the PS4UPDATE.PUP file inside update.

ps4 software reinstall

reinstall ps4 software

Step 4. Connect your pen drive with PS4. Start it and push PS button on your controller. You must have to connect your controller with USB cable.

reinstall ps4 software from pen drive

Step 5. Confirm the update by pressing X key when it ask for "Connect a USB storage device that contains update file ...".

Step 6. Wait for around 10 minutes the complete process will be done automatically.

Step 7. Once everything is done fine, it will ask for you to start the initial steps.

Step 8. Set the time, date and login with your PSN ID and start playing games.


ps4 error code CE-34788-0

Q1. My PS4 is showing "CE-34788-0 Update file cannot be used."
A1. You need to make sure that you have downloaded the right update file. Follow the step 1 and download the file with size 800+ MB.

Q2. "The PS4 could not update the system software using a USB storage device Error Code CE-30774-1", help!
A2. Make sure you have formatted your pen drive or hard disk in FAT or exFAT format.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Philips QT4005/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer Advanced Review

ShortQuote - Been using Philips QT4005/15 for few months. I think it is the right time to advance a review for this advanced trimmer which is available at 1200 something. 

Ask someone which trimmer he gonna buy, he might come with the name Philips QT4005/15 by default. Do you know why? It is popular and a very proficient grooming tool available for men. Yet another reason to buy it or even choose it to purchase is that it cost. Philips QT4005/15 pro skin advance trimmer is available online and offline in India at the price of around Rs.1200. Pro skin trimmer comes with 2 year warranty which can be further extended to 1 year by online registration. This low budget trimmer serves the purpose of everyday shaving very conveniently.

Monday, 6 March 2017

How to Install Bluetooth Driver in Windows 7/8.1/10 without Downloading Drivers

Installing Bluetooth in your laptop is a real pain in the a*s procedure. It comes with many hits and trails, installing random software and drivers. To make it easier I have created a step by step tutorial which will help you to install Bluetooth Peripheral Device software and adding connect your device with your laptop.

How to Install Bluetooth Driver in Windows Laptop

In this tutorial you will learn how to install Bluetooth Driver and Bluetooth Peripheral Device Drivers in Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 without downloading any driver.

Monday, 27 February 2017

How to Get your VISA Debit Card without Bank Account by Pockets Wallet

Welcome to 2017 the time where mobile payment not just leave cash behind also ripped off the online transaction. Yes, you need to go online for mobile payment, but by mean online transaction we're referring to net banking and payment via debit/credit card. Considering our general scenario all our banks are emphasizing on RUPAY ATM cum debit card (just call it debit card), and, its pretty useless for most of all transactions.

how to get pockets physical card

So we have Pockets Wallet here. The Pocket Wallet by ICICI bank will help you to get your own VISA shopping card for all your payments. I just mention shopping here because this is all its purpose.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Is boAt a Dependable Brand for Earphone/Headphone or Power Bank?

ShortQuote - Is boAt a good company for earphones, headphones, power bank or other mobile accessories. Find it yourself.

boat lifestyle mobile accessories

Thanks to online shopping which connect us with some real good brands for mobile accessories. One out of them is boAt Lifestyle. This mobile accessories brand offers earphone, headphones, power bank, travel charger and cables. But the question arise in our stereotype minds is that boAt a good brand for all our modern needs?

Sony Xperia and its MWC 2017 "Codenames" - The Full Story

MWC is around the corner of this month and we're already putting our eye on what gonna launch this year. Even though we have our as usual expectation from big brands like Samsung, Huawei, HTC. Just step back to one brand, the one brand which almost lost himself on their own. Sony I mean. 
Sony is already out of competition in both term of device launch, innovation and sale. I have seen the undertaker, Samsung is putting a lot of innovation in their overall specifications. For small budget we can consider their own processor, the cool S bike mode (which half of generation barley know how to use it) and the new smart glow LED notification in Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro. However, the grave digger fall into its own grave too with its Note 7. Kabooom

Yet another smartphone giant Nokia this time rises from its own coffin and its Nokia 6 made a ground breaking sale on China already. Now shall we talk about iPhone's? Let's leave it. We're no iFan here. 

Sony Xperia MWC 2017

Now, lets fall back to Sony itself. The premium smartphone brand which running its own race. When someone consider to buy sony, they compare two Sony smartphone itself. Well that's why I mentioned "running its own race".

Friday, 10 February 2017

Logitech MK240 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

Logitech MK240 wireless keyboard and mouse combo is Logitech entry level set which is available in two - black & white colours variant on online stores only. The combination will cost you around 1.4K on though the keyboard and mouse combo is not currently available on and

Logitech MK240 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

The two new variants added on Flipkart. For White color click here. For black color variant, click here.

Logitech MK240 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Flipkart

I have purchased this keyboard and mouse combo around 5.5 month ago and currently made this post with the set itself. Till now I have faced no issue with the mouse or keyboard, the batteries are working as it has too and the product does not inflict any damage on any type of usage. Still their are some technical lacks with the set too which I will list in this post.

Logitech MK240 wirless keyboard and mouse combo comes with a Keyboard, Mouse, and a Receiver which you can plug in your PC USB port, OTG cable to connect with  Mouse or Tablet and USB hub too.

Logitech MK240 Keyboard Review

Logitech MK240 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

Though there are two options available, I choose to go with white one. The white made it easy to read the key labelling but on negative side attract a lot of dust and get dirty it too. Same with black too, the black color can easily expose white'ish dust.

The green splash on top-right side does not looks that stylish as intended.

This keyboard includes 127 keys with a row of functions keys which support media navigation, volume, mail client and calculator. The keys are said to be low profile but still make enough taping sound. Characters are bright and fairly visible too and the ink they use works well. Even after around 6 months the character are fairly visible though they fade a little too.

Logitech MK240 Wireless Keyboard Review

When flat, the keyboard is supported by three rubberized padding. You can dock it using the legs. It has battery compartment to place two AAA batteries. The rear part is covered with light green colours which looks stylish but make it hard to read the branding too.

Thickness wise keyboard is quite thick and a bit heavy too. The estimated weight of the keyboard is around 320 grams and the thickness is around half finger tip (do you really accept me to right cm digits?). Still its quiet compact to use with tablet, for travelling and to place it on small desk and/or lap.

The keyboard, however is not made for gaming at all. The arrow keys (if you *that* type of gamer) are quite small, especially the up and down key, which makes it uncomfortable to play. If you choose WASD over arrows the keys are still not so ergonomics. Keys are small in compare to laptop keys. Still, best for my finger size :D

Logitech MK240 Mouse Review

Logitech MK240 Wireless Mouse Review

Logitech MK240 mouse is honestly, too good for any purpose. For gaming (not hardcore gaming, CS:GO bla bla) mouse provide very quick feedback.
The physical build of its mouse is quite ergonomic and even my slim hands can easily cover it. Mouse is good for any sized hands. Their are two buttons MMB LMB one wheel with push support (MMB). Even after 500+ pushes the buttons are working great.

For caution I recommend you to close browser tabs and scroll without pushing MMB. It can add up the strains.

Logitech MK240 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

Please note that this logitech keyboard and mouse combo supports only AAA batteries. For best and long lasting usage use Duracell Batteries only.

  • Compact in size.
  • Comes with Function keys.
  • Global compatibility.
  • Stylish looks.
  • Quick response
  • Bold and visible characters.
  • Spill resistant.
  • Practically considerable spacing between keys.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Mid profile keys.

  • The plastic material they used attract a lot of dust and get tidy easily.
  • No Capslock indicator.
  • Quiet heavy.
  • Up/Down arrows keys are quiet small in size.
  • Tilt feet does not have rubber padding, can scratch out your wooden table/desk.
  • On off key on mouse is quite rigid. 
  • The batteries they included lasts for about a month and so only. 

With duracell powered batteries, Logitech MK240 is a good value for money (VFM) product. Frankly speaking, both of the wireless keyboard and mouse combo is a great option for regular usage. Its mouse middle button which is often very delicate can tolerate large amount of clicks. Keyboard keys are low profile and best for late night usage. But, for gaming the keyboard is not a good options. Its keys are too close in margins and small in size. Also, it does not equip numerical keypad.
For gaming you can go with Logitech MK215 wirless keyboard and mouse combo.

>> Buy Logitech MK240 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo <<

Disclaimer - Logitech logo and logitech product pictures are used for personal and display usage only. No intentions to recreate for commercial use. 

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How to Root Infocus M535/M535 Plus/M680 without PC in a Minute

ShortQuote - In this tutorial I will show you how to root infocus m535 and m680 device in one click without any need to use PC.

How to Root Infocus M535/M535 Plus/M680 without PC in a Minute

Congratulation on buying any of mentioned device. This tutorial will help you to unlock the possibilities of using your brand new android phone. If you are not sure whether root will void warranty or not. I like to say that it does not harm your device at all. So, warranty is preserve until you know how to unroot your device (covered in this article). So, getting started with...