Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Two Amazon India Staffers gets Arrested for Cheating Flipkart

Indian E-commerce companies especially the is the drifting platform for dupers and cheaters. Its not the first case that the gets duped by buyers but the major one. This whole case is about two Hyderabad resident working in Amazon India.

Two Amazon India Staffers gets Arrested for Cheating Flipkart

Naveen Kumar and Atul Sharma ordered the Apple iPhone 6 from which gets delivered to them in 2 or 3 days. They file a complain to Flipkart service that instead of iPhone 6 thepackage contained garbage. By showing faith on customer, flipkart immediately refunded the whole money which is Rs.51,590 to Atul Sharma.

“On January 21, Naveen called up Flipkart and complained that when he opened the parcel, instead of an iPhone, he found paper and rubber inside the box. The company refunded the entire amount and the duo shared it among themselves,”
- Reported Inspector Chikkadpally P. Balvanthaih

Everything is good from their side but karma shows up when flipkart lodged a police case to find the missing iPhone 6. Police reported to the case swiftly and traced down the phone which was at time presented in Manish Sharma hands.

This is not the only and single case of such ecommerce dupes and frauds. The other cases are also handed but they are negotiable from the companies. The recent case not only opened the eye of Flipkart but also bring down the name of as Naveen kumar is the ex-worker and Atul who is currently working on Amazon.

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