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Best Android Launchers to Spice Up your Home Screen

Are you the one using stock nexus ROM and bored out with its boring look and feel then it is suggested to look up for a custom launcher for your phone. A custom launcher is not the one which just change UI but also affect your phone overall performance and battery too. The light the launcher the fast is the performance and also the battery performance will be improved in such case. But it is hard indeed to come over the result that which one is the best launcher for android phone at the Play Store. Let us help you.

[dropcap]1.[/dropcap] ZenUI Launcher (Download)

ZenUI Launcher by ZenUI, Asus Computer Inc. brings the default Zen UI look and feel to any of your android smartphone. Zen UI is smooth and light when it comes to the performance. The battery backup also improved literally after using it for a while. You can also download it free themes but they all are not much compelling when it comes to look. Nevermind, this is absolutely free launcher which you can try.

[dropcap]2.[/dropcap] Nano Launcher (Download)

Nano Launcher by Cooee dev team, the one amazing launcher with lightest possible size and with custom icons and notifications. Nano launcher focus on minimalism, provide you with one home screen, one side screen, one drawer and an additional screen to stack widgets. There also the additional Icon Pack and Notification Indicator app available to download for free. Highly recommended for performance use especially for android gamers.

[dropcap]3.[/dropcap] L Launcher - Lollipop Launcher (Download)

You must be guessing why to download a Lollipop style launcher when you already have Lollipop interface by default on your phone? Well actually we have used this launcher for more than just a couple of month and its surprisingly perform better than its close competitor (both stock and Nova launcher). This one comes with a hidden sidebar to dock your favourite, recently used and RAM cleaner. It is customisable, you can download themes, apply icon pack and tweak for your own personalisation. It is light weighted in size, and also free to use.

[dropcap]4.[/dropcap] Nova Launcher (Download)

Nova Launcher by TeslaCoil Software is no doubt the most popular launcher available for Android phone till date. It is completely free to use but the pro version also available to purchase for few additional operations like Gesture. The reason we put this one on #4 is due to its pro version and we also found that those on above are performing much better than Nova. Nova allow you to apply themes, icon packs and widgets on your home screen and also comes with its own widgets too.

[dropcap]5.[/dropcap] Yandex Launcher (Download)

From the Yandex Services AG comes the Yandex Launcher. Yandex Launcher comes with some amazing features and some usual launcher features and they are blended together to make a very awesome android launcher. It deliver the performance and its very fast to use. The amazing feature we are talking about its search by colour setup by which you can search for any installed app by its icon colour, impressive. The yet another amazing feature of it is that you can add widgets to a folder. It is suggested that you download and try this one.

[dropcap]6.[/dropcap] Launcher Lab - DIY Themes (Download)

Launcher Lab combines personalization with performance. Developer by X Apps Team, Launcher Lab enable you to create your own theme for your own personalisation in additional to download other user created themes. Also it delivers the native lollipop style with a much better and fluid interface for both home screen and app drawer.

[dropcap]7.[/dropcap] CM Launcher (Download)

CM Launcher provides the flexibility to customization which other launcher lacks. It comes with phone booster, themes store, wallpaper store any many more customization features. Also the vocal themes is its dominant feature.

[dropcap]8.[/dropcap] LexunHome (fake wp8.1) (Download)

The reason we put this WP8.1 Launcher at #8 is that its little old and out dated. But still the best for those looking for WP8.1 flexibility in Android home screen. This one is made for both performance and look and feel. The interface is very easy to customize and simple push and drag and also allow you to download and create custom themes.

[dropcap]9.[/dropcap] Atom Launcher (Download)

Atom launcher provides a variety of custom themes for free and some for a little price. The launcher focus on minimalism and great for those who likes it. Also it looks good when used with contrasting UI elements (wallpaper and icon pack) which they by default delivers too. The reason for being on #9 of our list is that its not for complete personalization and also few themes are at very high price.

[dropcap]10.[/dropcap] Star Launcher (Download)

Star Launcher comes from the Mobiistar 505, 508, XENSE android based smartphone by a Vietnamese Manufacturer. Star Launcher comes with Themes stores, quick setting panel and gesture support. It gives very eye candy look to viewer but a little apart form performance too (occasional lags).

Don't forget that this is the list of Top 10 launchers available for your android phone in our opinion. If you have some suggestion than shout it out from the comment box. Also make sure to share this post with friends cause this best android launcher list is for 2016 and not out dated.

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