Friday, 29 January 2016

Psychological Horror Comes to Mobile with Indigo Lake

If you are the fan of psychological horror genre then you will must enjoy the horrific gameplay of this FPS game, Indigo Lake. Developed by 3 Cubes Research Limited, this android game will sure to bring down the shiver and scare jump to you even you are not get scared easily (like us). Environment are graphic are made intentionally to bring the gloominess of death and torment. Excited enough to play, but wait, read the full game review from this post.

Indigo Lake Android Game
Indigo Lake Android Game Review

Unusual paranormal activities are common in lake areas but recently a series of suicide grabs the attention of paranormal investigator Dr. Everett who was sent to report about what happened and what leads to the suicide chain. But unfortunately your close friend failed in succeeding with her task. Now its upto you to cluster the evidences and bring back for further investigation. Like other horror game, the story can be depict by collecting notes, every note you acquires or puzzle you solves provoke jumpscare for you.

The game starts with protagonist reaching the deserted lake with his boat, the map is all surrounded by notes, cameras, and paranormal happenings. All you have is a handgun which can be utilized in solving puzzles and breaking doors. The big open world is available to explore and also a 4x4 vehicle will be available to you from the very starting to manoeuvre the huge haunted map.


Your objective in this psychological horror game is to find the evidence and report all the unusual happenings which can be triggered by collecting notes.


  • First person perspective

  • Realistic graphics and particle effects

  • Big open world

  • Tones of jumpscares

  • Harrowing environment

  • A sensible story

  • and Monsters :|

  • Available for both iOS and Android Device, support iPod touch 5G

Game Specifications

App Developer - 3 Cubes Research Limited
Available for - Android, iPhone, iPod Touch 4G
Required OS - Android 2.1 and up, iOS 5.1 and later
Price - Rs.132 on Play Store, $1.99 on iTunes
 - 95MB for Android, 91MB for iPhone

Check it out from official site

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