Sunday, 31 January 2016

Vaporcade Jupiter - The Smartphone You Can Smoke Too

Call it crazy but technology is getting a way ahead from our average brain imaginations. We are today presenting you with and android phone which not only do the other stuff which a phone can but also let you smoke. Vaporcade Jupiter is a US Federal Communications Commission approved smartphone which let you smoke your favourite cigarettes and help you to control your smoking habit.

jupiter io3 and jupiter io4

This android powered smoke-able phone is available in two variants, $299 for 3G variant and $499 for 4G variant namely, Jupiter IO3 and Jupiter IO4 respectively.

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Vaporcade jupiter is reported to be the very first smokable smartphone with Vape. The smartphone has two batteries inside, one to power up the phone and other to power up the vape. Overall the batteries life are shared, using vape lesser will save the phone battery life. Limiting both may control both of your addiction.

jupiter io3

The upper portion of the smartphone is open for attaching eCig and mouthpiece for smoking purpose. The shuttle in separate is available at $15 which comes in various other flavours. The single shuttle provides about 800 puffs, or around four pack of cigarettes.

Vaporcade Jupiter runs on Android Kitkat v4.4 out of the box and comes with pre installed app which report all your smoking activities and as they have claimed, will encourage you to quit smoking. They also claim to have lesser health affect than other e Cigarettes but it is not known or reported by any research/stats.

You can check more about other Vaporcade products from their website.

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