Want to know How Attractive you're? Let this Site Guess your Traits for Free

A scientific research says that you look 20% more attractive than you actually are to the others. Well we don't comes with an explanation for it. You can check more out from here. If you don't know how much attractive are you then let this job handle by an Artificial Intelligence, and trust us, it works. 

how hot

The three working class web-dev from Switzerland show up with a website which determine your hotness from Hmm to Godlike scale. To use this web-app just upload your best click from your computer or mobile phone and leave the rest to the site. 

Try It Yourself from this link.

Also for fun you can check how attractive the Jesus was/is/whatever and few other people too. Good thing is that you can upload anyone picture to check their traits. 
Not just attractiveness this web application also tell you your predicted age (don't get this app wrong with your age). Oh and Jesus is just 25 year olds =D

Jesus Age

Also they provided a little information about the prediction accuracy of their web app. You should check out this too. 

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