Saturday, 2 January 2016

What's Better than having an iPhone? Having a $10 NoPhone

The reality of the current era is that we're socializing but in the way we don't have to. Just move your head around and see how many people have their heads bow for their phone (doesn't work if you're home alone).The world is losing eye contact and taking interest in dp and selfie and that's where the real-world socializing ends. We're not here to help with your "influence of mobile phones" essay homework. Skipping the main intro lets we talk about this NoPhone thing.

NoPhone is the product of NoPhone LLC. A square shaped slab with of completely of no use. So why actually they selling this NoPhone at $10? This phone has features too, find them out below.

NoPhone comes in two variants with same features which is absolutely nothing. The original variant is available on their website at $10 and the selfie edition, which comes with a mirror on the front panel available at $15. There is also a NoPhone Zero which is completely a blank slab with no button no logo and available at just $5.

The news not ends here, NoPhone has received various appreciations and reached #1 on both Clapway and PC ADVISOR for being the most useless gadget of all time.

Clapway voted the NoPhone ZERO the most useless invention of 2015 and the PC ADVISOR rated it as the Most Useless Gadget of All Time.

Also featured in Time Magzine, BGR, The New York Times and various other popular sites and publishing media. Check here

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