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What is Kindle Unlimited & Why to Subscribe for it?

ShortQuote - Kindle Unlimited is as subscription based service starts at Rs.199 per month in India. With Kindle Unlimited you can read thousands of books available on for free. 

Yeah you just heard about Kindle Unlimited from and wants to know more about this service, good thing, you are at right place of the web. Kindle Unlimited started from America and our India's domain also adapted this service to provide free access to thousand of popular books available on Kindle library to their subscriber. The nominal fee of Rs.199 is charged if you subscribe for a month package only. With your Rs.199 package you can keep their books for as much longer you want. So let us go into a little more depth about this service.

How may books I can keep in my library for a month?

Now lets us go straight with our own a month experience. Just when the service started in India it cost only Rs.99 for the very first month itself. We are lucky enough to buy it for free of cost, thanks to the Amazon Refer & Earn offer.

We at that time have no idea about the service policy, all we know that we can read some selected books for free for a month and after the month our library will be self-cleared (but this is what not happens). So we brave enough to add 10 books in a library, Kindle Unlimited allow you to add 10 books at a time don't worry you can return books after reading and add more.

After your subscription time over, you get a chance to keep 10 books if you renew the subscription in time. But what if you don't. Your books will be there to read. Yes your books will be remain in your device in case you have synchronize it from their server. But in case you plan to renew the subscription after about 2 or 3 months, your remaining books will be returned.

Do I need to Owe a Kindle Device to enjoy this Service?

Kindle device india
Amazon Kindle Device

Nope, you don't need to buy a Kindle Device to read free books. You can use your Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Tablet (we're using our iBall Slide WQ32 Tablet for it) to read books on it. The Amazon Kindle cross platform apps are available to download from their respective app stores.

Do I'm able read almost any Kindle Book using this service?

A big nope, you can't do that. But the most popular title in India like of Amish and Chetan Bhagat and other popular universal writing is available for free. But finding a book from the world largest books library is a hill climbing task in itself.

Is there any free alternative for Kindle Unlimited?

Yes, WattPad. Using Wattpad you can read 1000's of free books available on Wattpad library. You can also create your own content and share with your friends. The good thing about that application is that its a community based service not subscription based.

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So lets comes to the Pro & Cons of Kindle Unlimited service.


  • Free access to thousand of books available online at Amazon
  • Can be read using any smartphone or tablet
  • Can keep upto 10 books at a time
  • Books can be returned and new books can be added to library
  • Can keep the book even after subscription end
  • Very nominal cost as in compare to ($9.9)


  • Books can be returned by itself if you renew subscription after skipping a month
  • Not all book can be read for free, some author don't allow free access
  • Can only keep 10 books at a time
  • Books need to be manually send to separate devices
  • That's all we don't like about Amazon Kindle

That's enough you need to know about Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

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