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What is Pebble PowerShare and how it works?

We just stumbling through the and found this mobile accessory named - Pebble PowerShare. Pebble PowerShare comes in two colour variants which vary in looks too, the Pink one which is smiling angel style or the blue one with horn, more like a devil. Both varies in price too. Pebble PowerShare is available at Rs.399 and PowerShare Z at Rs.499, see why is that price difference below.

Pebble PowerShare

Pebble PowerShare and Pebble PowerShare Z is a battery sharing tool which transfer power from one device with Micro USB support to anther device with comparatively high charging rate then a simple OTG cable, as they said.

Pebble PowerShare

Pebble PowerShare is a very small and compact in size. The promotion images shows that you can put this in your pocket and attach within a keychain too. Covered with high grade silicone material which delivers the sturdiness to this OTG device and also smoothing while handling or holding. The overall size of this mobile accessory is 5.5 x 2.5 x 0.5 cm and weight is just 27 g.

So how does it works?

Pebble PowerShare

It works with devices with Micro USB port, specially mobile phone and tablets. As shown in above image, the device which is attached with main end (the one with holding strap) transferring its power to the device connected with the other end, the arrow indicates the power transfer. We hope you have no problem in understanding. =D

What is the diffrence between the PowerShare and PowerShare Z?

PowerShare Z  has an extra iphone connector that can be used to charge your iphone from another otg enabled android phone.

Why to buy Pebble if the same work can be done with OTG Cable?

Well this is the question which need to be answered. An OTG cable does transfer power from smartphone which comes with OTG compatibility to any other smartphone or mobile phone. And also the OTG cable can transfer data too, then why to buy this expensive product?

Unlike any OTG cable, Pebble PowerShare comes with a very unique design. Well that's not what you want to know, jk. With the help Pebble PowerShare you can transfer power from and to iPhone, the lightning OTG cable are comparatively pricey than this accessory.

The other reason is that it comes with "Integrated Protective Circuit to ensures no overcharging or discharging", in simple words it protect your device from overcharging and/or discharging, insure that only required amount of power get transferred from device to another with low power input support.

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