Wednesday, 20 January 2016

#WTF - Amazon Goes Crazy with These Hilarious Pricing Errors

Pricing and other error are common on small scale eCommerce platforms but what will happen if the eCommerce giant gets its influence too? Buyers go crazy.! So that's actually what going on right now. This pricing error on hopefully is not low and its hefty and makes product damn expensive, hopefully you're not going to get fooled and lost your money on buying.

Lets start with Need For Speed Most Wanted PC


need for speed most wanted

Need for Speed: Most Wanted for PC cost Rs.15,048 "only" with additional Delivery charge. Look like the delivery boy deliver the package in BMW M3. Well its okay that this game is legend but don't you think 15 K is alittle hefty price. EA Please. Check it here.

Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse


razer geniune naga epic elite gaming mouse


Buying a blue chip stock might be risky but investment on this mouse will worth your money. Oh come on you're getting a Razer "elite" MMO gaming mouse at such lower cost of Rs.50,793 only. This Razer gaming mouse comes with EMI option too. Check it out from here


This Logitech Optical Mouse


logitech optical mouse

If you are not the fan of Razer gaming product that you must like this Logitech optical mouse. This Rs.54,824 logitech wireless mouse gives you "cordless freedom" and "optical precision". Oh and its not for just MMO games, you can Minecraft with it too. Just 54K. Here it is

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THQ WWE 2012 for PS3


thq wwe ps3

We all love WWE and we all love Dwayne Johnson, THQ is clever and that's why they price this game som damn expensive. Wait they also include delivery charges too. Here it is


Assassin Creed Action Figure, Ezio the legend is here


assassian creed action figure


They say Assassin Creed fans are elite and rich. Look like Ubisoft getting advantage of it by pricing this figure at the price of Rs.115,524. If you're not that rich, you can buy it on EMI too which cost you just Rs.10K a month. Forget about Nano car. Check it out And this one comes at nominal cost of just 38K.


Sentinel Metal Gear Solid iPhone Case


metal gear solid iphone case

No wonder that Apple product and accessories are expensive because this one will sure to blow your mind. This Metal Gear Solid themed iPhone case is not that ordinary. It cost Rs.138,175 with EMI starts at Rs.12341 per month. It can do wonders. If you don't believe us in that case, you should go and check those reviews. Here is the link, we have also included the hilarious one too below.

funny amazon review


We let you know that this is not the first time when India's popular eCommerce site has done this type of mistake, back in 2015 listed a cricket game at around Rs.20 and a premium wrist watch at around Rs.25. At the time App share is common and also people risk their credit to buy the watch too. Obviously they loose their free credits but who actually care about it. Found more funny pricing error on any eCommerce site? Be sure to share with us too.

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