Saturday, 22 October 2016

How to Generate Unlimited Wallpapers for Android Phone in just 5MB?

Tapet! The answer is this amazing app Tapet which generate unlimited hd wallpapers for our phone. Easy? But wait, there is more to read. Tapet is developed by Sharp Region. This unbelievably small app will do great wonders for your phone. 

Tapet means to decorate with Tapestry - a heavy cloth woven with embroidery. The app feature countless wallpapers with embroidery and patterns too.  

Tapet Android App Review
Tapet Android App Review

What Tapet Offers?

Tapet offers huge list of wallpaper patterns on the basis it generates new wallpaper every time you hit for request, either by swiping or using Randomizer widget. Tapet has multiple patterns but, most of them require you to buy premium app.  This app asks for inApp purchase via Credit Card.

Tapet offers various widgets including – Colors, Pattern, Randomize. Each widget allows you to customize your home screen with new wallpapers on Tap. Other widgets includes – 

Pattern Properties – Randomize the wallpaper keeping the pattern and color (adjust image).
Save - It saves the current wallpaper according to screen size. You can configure it from Settings.
Like / Dislike – Like dislike the image.
Slideshow – It shows the slideshow.

Inside app, on first run this android app introduces you with how to use tutorial (which you 100% forget later on). To change and generate new pattern all you need to do is swipe. I better suggest you to land widget on homescreen either from home screen itself or the App. To keep your previous wallpapers, app has History section too which in fact records all your wallpapers (of the app only). Help you to avoid scrabbling and swiping.  

Its best feature is that, app on few periods offer you premium for free. The free-premium offer is for 7 days only. Once enable, better to save the premium wallpapers on your phone storage. 
The negative point of Tapet is that it does not allow payment via mobile credit or paypal. You need to pay via Credit Card only. 

Pro point – Tap build number multiple time to unlock experimental features 

How Tapet Works?

What Tapet does is generate wallpapers using script and math function. So, it does need to store any wallpaper in cloud and works offline. This android app has some auto generated pattern on which the app works. Every time you request the app to create new wallpaper it uses math function to adjust the pattern and use different colors.

The Positives of Tapet 

  • Very light in size
  • Generate unlimited wallpapers
  • Various patterns (80 nos)
  • Various widgets (8 nos)
  • Allow saving and sharing (max-1080p)
  • Free premium offer for limited time, save all in that period :D
  • Allow you to apply dark wallpapers only
  • Dark wallpapers on night (sometime does not works, even for me)

The Negatives of Tapet

  • Out of 80 patterns only 20 are free
  • Very limited payment options
  • Very advanced code security, Lucky Patcher failed to crack new version 
  • Lock screen wallpaper is not supported in free version
  • Install Tapet APK from Play Store

Settings Screenshots

How to download Tapet?

Either hit the URL - Tapet APK to open it on play store and install. Or, open play store and search for it. The URL for this app is - com.sharpregion.tapet

That’s all folks, have you tried this, and do you like this app? Let me know in the comments. Also share your homescreen screenshot in the comment.

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