Friday, 21 October 2016

Top 3 Ways to Download Imgur Wallpaper Dump all in Once

Imgur is the popular Image sharing and hosting site which is even more popular among reddit users. Imgur is widely used for – 
  • Image hosting using either hot linking (no more completely supported)
  • Image sharing with other imgur user
  • Roasting
  • Creating image gallery on niche based
  • Showcasing wallpaper dumps
download imgur wallpaper dump tutorial
A pretty simple tutorial to download imgur wallpaper dump in 3 ways possible

What’s more, Imgur is quite popular for Wallpaper dump (wallpaper pack). There is no limit on how many images you upload at once. With its unlimited bandwidth you can easily pack 12000+ images at once in a single post (brace your browser). If even you think I am kidding, here is this wallpaper pack. Now come to how you download these 12K images in once.

1. How to download Imgur images in ZIP file?

There are two possibilities to download the compressed archive, either the uploader (OP) post a link to mediafire/sendspace or Imgur allow you to tap on Download as ZIP file button. But, the first is very rare and second is not possible. But we can make it possible.
I am not 100% sure how it works but for any wallpaper pack listed on Imgur you can try downloading it as ZIP file. How?

A typical IMGUR album has /a/ in its URL. A typical IMGUR gallery has /gallery/ in URL. 
In case of /a/ you can attach zip after the key following with “/” (without quotes). For eg –

In case of gallery replace /gallery/ with /a/ and follow the above method.

But it’s rare that above method works (bandwidth, maybe?). So?

2. Using Google Chrome Extension Only

This is completely manual task but best for fewer images. Download this extension Save Tabbed Images from chrome extension store. This extension helps you to download images from multiple tabs.

Save Tabbed Image Chrome Extension
Download Save Tabbed Images from Chrome

Now follow, 

  1. Load any imgur page with multiple images, here for example.
  2. Now first let all the images load, and then follow the step.
  3. Hold Ctrl key and click LMB on images, this will open images in new tab.
  4. Once you hit the number of image you want to download, stop.
  5. Click on extension icon and it show you how number of loaded images

    Save tabbed image imgur
  6. You can choose to have a separate folder for images with your desired name too. But we're skipping it here.

    Save tabbed image imgur
  7. Click on blue button on the top to download
  8. It starts downloading images in original quality all at once.

3. Boring? Use ImgDl.

imgdl imgur

ImgDl is amazing software (Windows) which let you download all image at once, without even compressing. Download the software and install it. 

  • Open the app and …
  • In case of /gallery/ goto Options >> Download Source >> Imgur >> User Album List. 
  • For /a/ goto Options >> Download Source >> Imgur >> Single Album
  • On the app landing itself use folder source for the first text field.
  • In second text field add URL for the gallery/album. Hit Download button to start the action.

    how to use imgdl imgur
  • You can explore more options from the Option itself.

The other tool which helps to download IMGUR albums at once is GTImage Scraper.
So in this way you can download multiple images at once. Have more tools? Suggest me. 

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