Sunday, 6 November 2016

How consistent is Like4Like Org Facebook like for my Fan Page?

No wonder that you have heard of Like4Like.ORG, the like exchange site and other top sites like this. Like4Like in simple words helps you to generate Likes and Followers on your social media pages or profiles. But, as simple I call it simple, it is not simple at all. Reason? It’s a waste of time if you are doing everything manually and wrong. Follow this guide to improve your facebook page engagement using Like 4 Like and figure out how to fight with drops.

Suppose, you hit the like button for over 100 times and all you generate is 800-1000 points. The drop percentage of likes at your page is around 30%-45% (yes, it is). I have run tests on multiple pages and what it delivers, out of every 1000 likes. I left with 500 to 700 likes per page after 30 days. Well, it just the number, the actual result is even horrible for few.

Join Like4Like first.

Now the reason why it is not consistent for Facebook pages are – 

  1. Facebook for everyone Yes, signup with gmx and create a quick facebook account (egg profile). That’s all you need to create facebook – non – verified – account. Once someone generates enough credits on like4like, they start unliking facebook pages. Hence, all you receive is gone by the time.

    facebook egg profiles
  2. Facebook spamming policy If a person hit the like, add friend, comment with links around 100 times in an hour. Chances their facebook profile get blocked. So, the odds are genuine people using various other social media platform to generate credits. Instagram was quite popular before its privacy policy update. New G+ button is quick and popular now.
  3. Facebook Toolkit if you ever heard of this chrome plugin, Toolkit for Facebook, chances are you might spam groups and friends already. Thanks to toolkit for facebook chrome plugin, you can clear all your liked pages all at once.
  4. Yet another reason – Fake or force like won’t help you to generate fans, am I right?  The impressions are quite high once you forcing people to hitting the like post button instead of liking pages but who the hell care about your page? Try to generate more likes by asking people via message, niche related audience affect conversion in positive manner.

Tips to receive less likes drop with

  • Even though I mention high percentage of drops but seeing the bigger picture may help you to keep the remaining. How? Think about sharing images and post instead of generating likes on pages.

    facebook friend activity

    The right side section (above the chat) of facebook desktop site shows your friend activity which in turn helps to generate even more audience to your content.
  • Create quality content which matters the most for the general audience. General audience compromises anyone in the world.
  • Connect with eggless profile. Once someone hit like on your facebook page, the facebook notify you with his or her name. Best, contact them personally to like your page content regularly and promise to return the favor.

Now, if you come across with any helpful tips to engage more and even more audience please let me know via comment. 

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