Saturday, 31 December 2016

Bro Tips to Speed Up Windows 7/8.1/10 Boot under 30 Seconds in 2017

ShortQuote – The absolute pro guide to make your windows 7/8.1 or/and Windows 10 powered system (any) in just less than 30 seconds. No setting tweaks required. 

Speed Up Windows 7/8.1/10 in 2017

Before I start with this guide I want you to know about my system which boots right after hitting the power button to first refresh in less than 30 seconds. I am using an Intel i5 Windows 7 Ultimate running laptop with 4GB RAM and 500GB SATA HDD. I also tried this on my work station and worked as expected. And you’re AMD / Nvidia GPU subsystem can be powered with these tricks too. 

Starting with the Guide to Speed Up your Windows booting in under 30 seconds

Clean Cache regularly with CCleaner

Piriform CCleaner

CCleaner is an ultimate application to clear every possible junk in your system without hustling. CCleaner also performs registry cleaning on demand.  Using CCleaner regularly after a couple of days or so will helps you to keep your system clean from junk which contributes in making your computer slow. So, download it rightway.  

Using Quick Heal Antivirus 

Quick Heal Antivirus

To be honest, I am against using anti-virus. I was. I start using quick heal in my work station or I say I did forced to install antivirus system to use Sony official software in my system. But this anti-virus impressed me a lot till yet. Quick heal is both cheap in price and speedy in task. Unlike other heavy anti-virus software, Quick works like a silent monk in your system. It does not pop-up any stupid offers, very light for your system and secure your system from malicious USB viruses and harmful sites. Buy quick heal, it’s just INR in price for . 

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Best tweaks to use after installing Quick Heal in your system

  1. Full System Scan
  2. Boot Scan
  3. Use PC Tuneup (completely optional) 

Defrag Drives with Defraggler 

Piriform Defraggler

Defraggle is another popular auxiliary application by Piriform.  Defraggler is also a popular alternative to windows own defragment tool. Defraggler make it fast to defrag your drives, though it’s not absolute in anyway. But it’s fast and easy to use. Use defraggler to defrag your system drives (especially C) at regular intervals, I recommend once a week for all your drives. Download and Install defraggler. 

Keep Desktop Tidy 

Windows 7 Desktop Screenshot

I personally don’t know whether it helps or not but keeping desktop is cool. So, do it ASAP. 

Keep System Folder Clean

C Drive

Yes it works. Keeping your user folder less scattered and defraged will helps some apps (those who loads files from those folders) works lag less.  

^ See I did mentioned no settings tweak required to boot your windows 7 powered system under 30 seconds. Attaching a screenshot, I am using all bulky apps on startup counting both RAM killer Google Chrome and Quick heal. 

Yet another step I like to add is to use alternative apps. If you’re fan of listening music in your system. Instead of using Windows Media Player or iTunes using light weighted alternative like Foobar or AIMP (recommended). You can also choose to install Open Office instead of Microsoft which aids in saving a lot of hard drive space and RAM. Also Internet Explorer could be better options instead of Chrome. Just Kidding. 

Try these steps and let me know what your fastest boot time is. You will see the changes.

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