#Top10 Must Have Back Cover for Lenovo K6 Power

Lenovo K6 Power is a powered packed android smartphone available at average price. This 4G powered android smartphone will be available at flash sale only, exclusively at flipkart.
K6 Power comes in three trendy color options for you to choose from Grey, Gold to Silver. No matter how good it looks for being metal, afterall its Lenovo smartphone. And, did you ever spotted a sexy looking lenovo device? Asking to me? Nope at all.

Thanks to our cheap accessories market you can look up for myriad accessories for this smartphone and we here are talking about its back covers.

From the big sea of Lenovo K6 Power back cover and cases catalog we have found Top 10 best cases which you must purchase.

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1. EPIC Cases

lenovo k6 power back cover

We can't resist to start this collection without including the "epic" cases. All the cases assorted in this post are epic in itself, but, the premium cases which you awaiting to put on your phone is below this point. 

lenovo k6 power back cover

This one is fully rubberized with 100% cutout precision. The bumper is made with hard rubber and will protect your keys from scratches. 

lenovo k6 power back cover

This one is available at Amazon at a very budget price of Rs.179. This back cover case is also made with rubberised material, it delivers dotted touch. The case is light weighted. It received 3/3 stars on Amazon.in

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2. Transparent Back Case

lenovo k6 power back cover

Not in the mood to dress your K6 power with funky printed cases. Go with transparent now. This one is amazing back case with golden color soft bumper. 

>> Check this out from Amazon.in only << 

lenovo k6 power back cover

Yet another highly superior transparent back case for your K6 power.

3. Rugged Armor Case

lenovo k6 power back cover

You can count on rugged cases for protection of your device. Also, they provide you additional advantage of the stand which is attached on the back. Rugged cases are made with hard rubber material. They are shock proof and can tolerate the drops. 

lenovo k6 power back cover

Just like rugged cases, dual armor gives you even more protection with style. It also made with rubber material which make it easy to install and absorb bumps. 

back cover for lenovo k6 power

4. Noise Back Cover Cases for K6 Power

I am the fan of Noise back cover cases for just 2 reason. They offer accuracy and style. Second, they try to cover almost every possible niche for almost all type of audience (customers). Also, they are no less than DailyObjects in quality, just in price only ­ŁĘŚ. Below are my two fav picks, which you might be interested in too.

lenovo k6 power back cover

This black & white back case by noise will looks wonderful on your device. Especially when you are the type of person who likes travelling or italyphile or even a simple guy/garl messed up with some beautiful ideas to decorate his/her k6. 

>> Buy this case from Flipkart, right away <<

More suggestion w/ Eifel Tower -

>> The natural one from Amazon <<

Back Cover for Lenovo K6 Power

>> This one with wide angle from Amazon <<

5. Minion Printed Cases

lenovo k6 power back cover

If being simple and kind is your style. Then, you should go with minions. The above one is my suggestion. Based on superhit gaming franchise Hitman, this minion disguised as Agent 47 suits both Hitman and Minion fans.

Back Cover for Lenovo K6 Power

6. Flower Power Cases

Looking for cases with flowers on it. I have manage to find some sophisticated floral printed back cover for K6 Power which suits both guy and 'garl' need. 

lenovo k6 power back cover
Beautiful daisy flowers assorted one over one on this cute back cover. Best suited to gift your girl.

lenovo k6 power back cover

This is one such beautiful case with floral knop surrounded with light bokeh effect on background. The case is made with soft silicone which provide protection against scratch, crack and dust.

7. Superhero Printed Cases

Lenovo K6 Power Back Cover

This back cover is a product from Kaira, assorted with fatty version of Avengers.

Back Cover for Lenovo K6 Power

Lenovo K6 Power Back Cover

lenovo k6 power back cover

Spiderman 3D printed logo in your back cover for lenovo k6 power is the most badass thing possible. 

8. Designer Printed Back Cover Cases

Thinking of some premium looking cases which are in actual light in weigh, then yes designer print is one which suits you. These cases are printed though deliver impressions of 3D or vinyls. 

lenovo k6 power back cover

Buy this ^ flipkart exclusive back cover case from Flipkart. More trendy designer cases to consider.

9. Apple Logo Cases

Lenovo K6 Power Back Cover Apple Logo

If you're die hard Apple fan that you should look no further on other prints. Just have an impression of iFan on your K6 power. The above case is available on Flipkart.com

Printed Apple Logo Lenovo K6 Power Back Cover

Lenovo K6 Power Back Cover

Back Cover for Lenovo K6 Power

10. Religious Printed Cases

Are you a religious person? If yes, then you should go with these religious cases.

lenovo k6 power back cover

Follow the bhakti with Ridhi - Sidhi and trendy lord Ganesga cases which is available for you.

lenovo k6 power back cover

Here is another, hand drawn ethnic variation of Ganesha with brown background.

More ethnic cases to consider - 

Have anymore suggestion? Let me know how much you liked our 10 best lenovo k6 back cover cases collection. Drop the comment using your disqus account. 

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