Friday, 6 January 2017

How to Factory {Hard} Reset any Android Device without Reset Key

ShortQuote - This how to tutorial will help you to unblock almost any device which does not acquire reset button "pin hole".

Boot into recovery mode

I have gone through some popular device one of them is Infocus M350 which does not provide any way to hard reset it using Key Combinations. I tried using traditional way to reach recover mode (Vol + + Power Key). However, it wasn't helpful. After stumbling almost over 15 min on internet I came up with a search result which shows how to enter recovery mode on that android device.


  • Device
  • USB Cable
  • PC/ Tab or any other OTG supported device

Follow the guide to Hard Reset Android Phone without using Reset Button

  1. Make sure you have atleast 15% battery left on your device.
  2. Switch OFF your device (in case it ON), and let it vibrate.
  3. Press and hold Vol Up key.
  4. After 5 second or so, plug USB cable on both device and PC and hold Power Key alongwith.
  5. After 5 second or so, once Infocus logo appears on the display, release power key.
  6. Android (logo) with red exclamation triangle will appear on your device if you successfully perform the above steps. Finally your device boot into recovery mode.
  7. Press Vol Up key (or Power button if that does not help) to enter recover mode.

    android recovery mode factory reset
  8. Depending on what your device or recovery is, it will display Wipe Data or Factory Reset.
  9. Tap or select it and select Yes.
  10. Reboot your device. 
  11. Wait for almost 5-7 minutes 
  12. Your phone will boot up.
That's all you need to do in order to enter recovery mode. 

Does it works without PC/Laptop?

If you dont have PC or Laptop available, you can try with any Tablet. You can use any OTG supported android device for this purpose too.

  1. Make sure your "second" device support OTG.
  2. Plug OTG cable on your supported android device and connect it with Charging/Sync cable.
  3. Connect the cable with device you like to reset.
  4. Follow the above steps.
Tested with Infocus M808, Infocus M350, Iris X8 with MIUI 8 ROM. If by mean you stuck anywhere feel free to ask. 

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