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Sony SRS X11 Review - Portable Speaker with Bluetooth & NFC

ShortQuote - Read the most detailed Sony portable speaker SRS-X11 review with pro, cons and best price in India. This tiny 1 channel speaker is enough to boom office party.

Sony SRS X11 Portable Speaker Review

One of my post “best Bluetooth speaker under 3000” goes wild on google and gives me liability to review this powerful yet small portable speaker. Sony SRS-X11Sony SRS-X11 is very, very compact in size. It has width of, height of and depth of cm. I quite amazed with its size. Though, it’s still bigger than expected via web catalogs.

SRS X 11 Physical Appearances

SRS-X11 is available in four different colors options and all of them looks premium. It worth’s its price looks and performance wise, also Sony brand never disappoint with quality. It adopts the shape of cube. The three of its sides is equipped with controls and buttons. The remaining three sides allow music to pass through the mesh. Inside it has a layer of material which generates bass on every beat. The complete cube is covered with heavy duty black colored, rounded border.

Sony SRS X11 Review

The either sides of the cube with controls on it covered with rubberized plastic. The top-front side has four controls on it. The Power button which double as a Bluetooth pairing button. The call – receiver control. The volume down button and volume up button for volume adjustment. NFC sticker on the top allows you to pair it with any NFC powered device in just one tap.

Sony SRS X11 Portable Speaker

The second non meshed side has Add button, reset button, Audio In and USB Charging port. SRS X11 allow you to pair with one more SRS X11 with a click of button. It takes multiple devices as Left and Right. In short, with a pair of SRS X11 you won’t need to spend on Sony SA-D10 (atleast for portability sake).

Sony SRS X11 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Music Performance

Performance wise Sony SRS-X11 is quite amazing. Don’t forget its price tag is Rs.4499 and it is a product of Sony. Music quality is too good and loudness is enough to rock your monthly office parties. It has 10x volume nodes. Once you connect your device with it, you have choice to control volume with your device. You can also amplify it using pre-installed equalizer, dolby atmos pro (not recommended at all) or Viper4Android FX (with care…).

For better sound delivery and best bass you can place it on your table with SONY logo upside down on the front. However, the best position as suggested by Sony is face with SONY branding up (like the first image).

Battery Backup

Battery backup is huge. I have played around 12 hours of music in this portable speaker (not non-stop) on 3.5 hours of charging and it’s still running while writing this review. I have charged it for another 2 hours only to listen for around 5-6 hours in peace.
So, I can say without any doubt is that it is best for trips.

How to pair one portable speaker with another?

To pair your SRS X11 wireless speakers, just push Add button once and wait for your speaker to find another.

How to connect your Mobile/Smartphone/Laptop/Tablet with SRS X11?

To connect your any device (including your old Nokia phones) use either of -
  1. AUX cable
  2. Bluetooth
  3. NFC (Near Field Communicator)
For Aux connection, plug both device via AUX cable on earphone jack and start playing music. This is by far the easiest way for pairing.

To pair your device using Bluetooth first make sure your device is searchable. Click and hold power button of your SRSX11 portable speaker until your phone show confirmation to connect. Tap on OK on your device and start playing via phone. For windows Laptop you first need to install Bluetooth Peripheral drivers (try to connect without it first).

To connect your device with NFC, enable NFC on your Sony smartphone. Touch both NFC stickers on wireless Bluetooth speaker. The connection may take around 5-10 seconds.


  • Best to fill medium sized room with music and bass.
  • Long Bluetooth range, 10M.
  • Long bass beats range.
  • Quite trendy style looks premium and branding, control paint does not wash off with use.
  • Best for all type of music, beast for your favorite Bollywood party songs.
  • Compact in size. Perfect for trips. It comes with wrist strip.
  • Battery and Bluetooth indicators.
  • Great battery backup for nonstop playback and on standby mode too.
  • SONY service is cool. You can exchange your gadget once it starts distorting or making clattering sound (none so far). Set has 1 year warranty.
  • Highly recommended portable speaker if your budget is around 5K.

Cons, yes this too has cons

  • It does not come with FM Radio support.
  • USB port is for charging only. You cannot play music using OTG. Though using OTG you can charge it with your mobile phone.
  • Bluetooth indicator could be annoying at night or dark.
  • It will get dirty easily.
  • Bit heavy.
  • Expensive for general purpose, but quality worth cost.

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