Monday, 27 February 2017

How to Get your VISA Debit Card without Bank Account by Pockets Wallet

Welcome to 2017 the time where mobile payment not just leave cash behind also ripped off the online transaction. Yes, you need to go online for mobile payment, but by mean online transaction we're referring to net banking and payment via debit/credit card. Considering our general scenario all our banks are emphasizing on RUPAY ATM cum debit card (just call it debit card), and, its pretty useless for most of all transactions.

how to get pockets physical card

So we have Pockets Wallet here. The Pocket Wallet by ICICI bank will help you to get your own VISA shopping card for all your payments. I just mention shopping here because this is all its purpose.


  1. Acceptable on all outlets (its VISA)
  2. No need to enter, no pin at all
  3. 6 digits 3D secure pin for online transaction, no its not 3D printed, you won't find it in your card (explanation for dummies)
  4. No minimum cash required, its free at all
  5. Load upto Rs.20,000
  6. Max transation limit is Rs.5000 a day
  7. No need to visit bank for allotment, it comes straight to your doorstep
  8. No need to visit bank at all, no paper document required only you need to show the courier guy
  9. Valid for 2 years (practically, I noticed it)
  10. Support NFC via app (no card needed)
Okay, how to get it right?

Download Pockets app, its POCKETS. Signup for Pocket, its pretty straight forward. Remember, you need to note down your email address which is the backbone of your pocket account. 



  • Now once you successfully created your account on your home screen, swipe from the left to right for options. 
  • There you will find Service on the top, tap on it.

    Pockets Wallet App

  • Under Service Requests Tap on Request for Physical Card.

    pockets physical card

  • Their is no fee to pay for having a pockets physical wallet. All you need to have is just Rs.100 in the wallet. 
  • Fill up your required information and click on confirm.

    pockets physical card

  • Your card will reach you in under 14 days, promised to be in 10 days but its India bro. 
  • You can also track your delivery under Services tab, but for unknown reason it does not works for me. 
  • Have fun with it. Here is mine.
Pockets Wallet physical visa card

Things to remember 

  • Pockets physical VISA debit card is best for students or earning student more specifically.
  • Remember it is an auto payment card so keep it safe.
  • You cannot withdraw cash from it.
  • The received parcel does not have any pin on it. Yes because it does not require any pin so don't waste time looking for it. 
  • You cannot use Pockets Wallet VISA Card to buy apps on Play Store PERIOD.
Best advantage for me

With the help of my Pockets VISA card I can split my saving and spending to 3 different accounts. First, two of my accounts out of which one is for saving and another is used to be for shopping (for online transaction and for receiving online earning, salary). 

So, after receiving my pockets wallet physical card I am transferring that amount which I will use for shopping to the wallet itself. So, basically, with the help of this, I am in total control of my spending habit and developing a saving habit on myself (which I never had, LMAO). 
I have already concluded it with pro and cons of having Pockets physical VISA card. If I forget to put the "s" suffix in Pockets, please let me know. 

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