Thursday, 9 February 2017

How to Root Infocus M535/M535 Plus/M680 without PC in a Minute

ShortQuote - In this tutorial I will show you how to root infocus m535 and m680 device in one click without any need to use PC.

How to Root Infocus M535/M535 Plus/M680 without PC in a Minute

Congratulation on buying any of mentioned device. This tutorial will help you to unlock the possibilities of using your brand new android phone. If you are not sure whether root will void warranty or not. I like to say that it does not harm your device at all. So, warranty is preserve until you know how to unroot your device (covered in this article). So, getting started with...

How to root InFocus M535 / M535 Plus / M680 Android Smartphone in Under a Minute


  • You should have internet connection (All hail JIO)
  • Your device
  • Patience (for a moment)
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... to root infocus m535

Let's get started

  • Connect your device with internet and open google chrome. 
  • Their are more than one app to root your device for speedy and quicky tutorial we opt in with Kingo Root APK.
  • The entire app which root infocus m680 is just 2.(something)MB. 
  • Download the app and install it. 
  • If for once it shows warning like "This app contains code that attempts to bypass..." just tap on More Details and click on install anyway.
  • This will install Kingo root app on your system, open the app once installed.
  • The first screen will show root status. 
  • Click on One Click Root.
  • Wait for a minute, the progress bar will stuck on 21% - 40% - 45% - 90% which is common so don't panic. 
  • Once it is installed Kingo Root will show ROOT SUCCEEDED confirmation with suggested apps. 
  • You do not need to download any third party app unless any root required app show error. Install SuperSU in such case. 

How to root Infocus M535How to root Infocus M535 Plus

How to root Infocus M680Root Infocus M535 without pc

Root Infocus M535 Plus without pcRoot Infocus M680 without pc

Need to unroot your device?

  • Open Kingo SuperUser app.
  • Click on 3 dots menu (top-right).
  • Tap on Remove Root option.
  • Tap on continue once pop up for confirmation.
  • It auto - restart your device so don't panic.

Unroot Infocus M535Unroot Infocus M535 PlusUnroot Infocus M680

Hope this helps, you don't need to unlock bootloader in order to root your infocus M535 or M680 device. 

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