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Is boAt a Dependable Brand for Earphone/Headphone or Power Bank?

ShortQuote - Is boAt a good company for earphones, headphones, power bank or other mobile accessories. Find it yourself.

boat lifestyle mobile accessories

Thanks to online shopping which connect us with some real good brands for mobile accessories. One out of them is boAt Lifestyle. This mobile accessories brand offers earphone, headphones, power bank, travel charger and cables. But the question arise in our stereotype minds is that boAt a good brand for all our modern needs?

Thanks to this quora question which made me put my foots in my detective shoes and start investigating about it. Special thanks to Amazon which made my life easy and quick.

About boAt

Frankly speaking, no such information about the company available. As per its facebook page, the company seems to be housed at India, which is good. But we still need to confirm, the term boAt India team is used mostly on their page.

One more thing to be consider no term like boAt singapore term is used so we assume that company is from India.

boAt Official Website 

For boAt we have a full single paged side with nested pages for their product classifications. The company official site which reads - lacks in info pages like contact and about page. For contact check below. 

I tried quick google index search using site: but that does not bring any hidden page for me. 

Company Official Representative 

boat lifestyle mobile accessories

boAt (BOAT, boat, Boat) is the company which is officially presented in two Asian countries. India and Singapore. In India the company is represented by -

Imagine Marketing Private Limited

131, Guru Gobind Singh Industrial Estate, Next to Jay coach, Off W.E.Highway,
Goregaon (E), Mumbai - 400 063. India

In Singapore

Broadcast Media Vision Pte Ltd.
100 Jalan Sultan, 09-06 Sultan Plaza, Singapore 199001

A physical address virtually makes a trust between consumer and the brand. Hopefully they have put a complete transparency on their official website about it. Though, the company does not have their WikiPedia branding. We can't say which country is the homeland of this brand. Like, for House of Marley we have USA as founding father. Still it is good to see its not out of China (though, I love chinese products).

boAt Exclusive Sellers

I honestly have no idea which seller is exclusive or authorized for selling their product on or Snapdeal or Flipkart. If no one than its nothing strange for a not-so-big-brand like boAt. At, their are several different seller for boAt.

Warranty & Claim

Scanning answer for boAt bassheads 225 special edition I have come up with my opinions. What's really true is also covered. 

To claim for warranty or replacement of product you need to contact either representative or directly to the manufacturer. The warranty card provided will help you to guide for replacement. That's the actual way to claim warranty. 

Please note, the company provides manufacturer side warranty for all boAt product, not seller side. For DOA you can either contact the manufacturer via warranty card or read Amazon return policy. The bassheads 225 which I scanned is not fulfilled by Amazon but seller. 

But, what about this...

Anyway, most of the answer point us to refer warranty card. Also, in my opinion just mail or call the representative too. They will guide you for the best.

Products Quality 

Well this is something which is hard to define in words. Depends upon what you receive, would be your perception over the product. The company seems to launch cool accessories both looks and specification wise. 

What's popular in boAt - plug into nirvana

boAt BassHeads 225 In-Ear Super Extra Bass Headphones (Amazon)

boAt BassHeads 225 Headphone

What's really grossing at Amazon is their boat headphones. BassHeads 225 is the coolest earphone I have ever seen at mid price. Bassheads offer loud and clear sound with deep bass notes. Bassheads also offers you a mic to receive call receptions. It can be plugged with almost all global 3.5mm jack format, in short it supports redmi note 4, redmi note 3, samsung galaxy j7, j5, sony xperia c5, OnePlus 3T and more popular handset in India. For Intex and iBall device first make sure your device support any other branded earphones (Sony, Skullcandy, etc).

Boat Rugby Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Amazon)

Boat Rugby Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Listed in my #top10 best bluetooth speaker under 3000. Boar Rugby is A+ grade portable speaker which available at around 2K. Boat rugby sports 2x5W stereo speaker with 1x bass generator sub speaker. This portable speaker allow connectivity via AUX and Bluetooth and for calling it has inbuilt mic too. 


I hope this post conclude it all. Their official site need to be bit more transparent in its behavior though. Waiting for your suggestion, experience and brand alternatives folks. 

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