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Sony Xperia and its MWC 2017 "Codenames" - The Full Story

MWC is around the corner of this month and we're already putting our eye on what gonna launch this year. Even though we have our as usual expectation from big brands like Samsung, Huawei, HTC. Just step back to one brand, the one brand which almost lost himself on their own. Sony I mean. 
Sony is already out of competition in both term of device launch, innovation and sale. I have seen the undertaker, Samsung is putting a lot of innovation in their overall specifications. For small budget we can consider their own processor, the cool S bike mode (which half of generation barley know how to use it) and the new smart glow LED notification in Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro. However, the grave digger fall into its own grave too with its Note 7. Kabooom

Yet another smartphone giant Nokia this time rises from its own coffin and its Nokia 6 made a ground breaking sale on China already. Now shall we talk about iPhone's? Let's leave it. We're no iFan here. 

Sony Xperia MWC 2017

Now, lets fall back to Sony itself. The premium smartphone brand which running its own race. When someone consider to buy sony, they compare two Sony smartphone itself. Well that's why I mentioned "running its own race".
I am not even a Sony Xperia fan at all. But I always surprised with what I often found in sober white color box package. The colorful shapes and flavorish sony smartphone to hook my eyes up. Sorry, I get emotional here. 
The only device I really love is Xperia XA (look wise). Though the device has quick discharging problem even on standby. 

What Sony always so hype about is the NFC feature, packed in almost all sony premium products, for instance, we have Sony SRS X11 portable speaker
... talking about MWC

Sony MWC 2017

What is MWC?

The Mobile World Congress is an annual smartphone launch platform for big brands. Not just smartphones, in MWC they (tech giants) also discuss the line of smartphone accessories, tablets, wearable and mobile technologies - launch and improvement. 

When and where is MWC in 2017?

MWC 2017 will starts from Feb 27 and will run to 3 March. MWC 2017 will be held on Barcelona. 

Sony & MWC 2017

While we are getting with coverage of Sony Xperia X2 already. What he have with full report is that the company gonna announce 5 premium (and expensive) devices in MWC. For now, the media report only expose 5 codenames, out of which 4 are originated from Japenes language. I am not expecting sony to launch all 5 at once. The company will line up the devices launching through the year (as assumptions). From top to bottom specification wise, we have,
Sounds like anime character name, isn't it?

Let's get into depth with these Sony Xperia Codenames.

Sony Xperia Yoshino

Sony Xperia "Yoshino" 

Yoshino means respectful in Japanese language. The Yoshino is expected to be flagship device. Sony codename Yoshino will sports a 4K, 3840x2160 display with snapdragon 835 processor. The phone comes with two variants, one with 4GB and other with 6GB of RAM. For professional cameragraphy experience, this smartphone will feature Sony IMX 400 sensor. Yoshino seems to be the upgraded version of Xperia XZ Dual (maybe). 

Sony Xperia "Blancbright" 

Blancbright lined up as a co-flagship device by sony. This smartphone also features Sony IMX 400 sensor. Downgrading in screen resolution, it will comes with 2560x1440 display, Snapdragon 835/653 processor, and 4gigs of RAM. Rumored Xperia X2?

Sony Xperia "Keyaki"

Keyaki is a "sort of" ornamental tree which often grows with Bonsai plant. Here it is. Keyaki seems to be a strong mid-premium range device (of Sony own race). This smartphone will feature FHD display, MediaTek Helio P20, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal, 23MP rear and 16MP front.

Sony Xperia "Hinoki"

Hinoki is yet another tree which has slow growth, has bright green leaves and valuable timber. We can expect codename Hinoki will be as valuable as its real life counterparts. Here how it looks like (the tree). 
Codename Hinoki sports MediaTek processor (same as above), HD display, 32GB internal, 3GB RAM, 16MP-8MP camera. 

Sony Xperia Mineo

The Sony Xperia "Mineo"

While we have no knowledge of Mineo for now. All we can say that it will cost around $350. The word mineo is actually a slang (informal) term used in Japanese defines the "representation of greatness". I am really excited to see what greatness that this Mineo offers to you. 

So, this is all about Sony and MWC 2017. We got a bunch of smartphones which will launch in 2017 and finally Sony comes with their android phones (finally). That's all folks. Please share and subscribe. 

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