Monday, 6 March 2017

How to Install Bluetooth Driver in Windows 7/8.1/10 without Downloading Drivers

Installing Bluetooth in your laptop is a real pain in the a*s procedure. It comes with many hits and trails, installing random software and drivers. To make it easier I have created a step by step tutorial which will help you to install Bluetooth Peripheral Device software and adding connect your device with your laptop.

How to Install Bluetooth Driver in Windows Laptop

In this tutorial you will learn how to install Bluetooth Driver and Bluetooth Peripheral Device Drivers in Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 without downloading any driver.

1. First make sure you have not installed any random or conflicted Bluetooth drivers on your laptop. To check for it simply open Device Manager and look for it. If nothing found, you are good to go.

Device Manager Windows

2. If you found any conflicted driver uninstall it and Reboot your system. Recheck it for successful cleanup.

Bluetooth Keyboard Key
Bluetooth Keyboard Key

3. Make sure the Bluetooth/WiFi switch is ON. The switch or key combination will open up the wireless radio. In most laptops there is a switch on edges or Key combination in HP laptops, Fn+F12 (mostly). Look for a WiFi icon in F1...12 keys.

3. Once you switch on the Key, your laptop starts installing Bluetooth drivers. It might take some time for it, wait and restart your PC. Their might be a chance that your laptop shows X mark on Bluetooth Peripheral device. You need not to download them separately.

Install Bluetooth Driver Windows 7 / Windows 10

Install Bluetooth Driver Windows 7

4. In start menu enter Bluetooth and click on Add Bluetooth Device. Enable Bluetooth in target device, if it is a portable speaker or Bluetooth headset make sure to press and hold pairing key.

Add Bluetooth Device Windows

Add Bluetooth Device Windows

5. It takes around one minute to successfully connect with it. Once it complete Restart your PC.

So, all it takes 2 restart to complete the process. You need not to download Bluetooth Peripheral Device to make it work, just follow the guide and start playing music on your portable speaker. Does not have? Found top 10 from this list.

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