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Top 13 Vivo V5, V5s & V5 Plus Back Cover Cases

Browse Vivo V5, V5 Plus & V5s Back Cover Cases

Vivo flasgship device V5, V5s &  V5 plus all comes with variation in specification only but has same dimensions. All the item listed in this post will fit on V5, V5s and V Plus precisely. Vivo V5 comes with premium design but still it is prone to environment. It is good to safeguard your phone with protective case. In this case I suggest silicone back cover case for your v5 plus. Although, you have freedom to choose a fancy back cover for your phone, but leave it on expert for the better suggestion. I have listed best vivo v5 plus back cover cases in this post keeping protection of your phone my first priority. These cases does not corrode your smartphone or leave ugly impression to audience.

Cornercut Matte Finish Silicone Back Cover Cases for Vivo V5 Plus

vivo v5 back cover

This cornercut matte finish back cover case is made with light weighted silicon material which weigh only 18g. Best for you Vivo v5 which is heavy enough already. This dust proof case protect your device from dust and scratches. The case itself is scratch resistant too for rough placement.

vivo v5 back cover
Same as #1 it comes in bright red color with button gaps. The red variant looks more trendy than the blue variant. Both are available at same price at

back cover for vivo v5
Same as above two with more variation of colors and vivid matte finish on rear. You can find these vivo v5 plus back cover cases at ebay with difference in price.

Mirror/Acrylic Metal Vivo V5 Back Cover Cases

Mirror cases has one major advantage which is it looks damn premium. Also it reflect you or anything else comes into contact as clear as a mirror do. These cases are only designed for premium smartphones. Good luck on exploring them.

back cover for vivo v5 plus

SDO acrylic back cover is designed using premium metal material which neither react with your phone nor does it scratch. It is made to fit absolutely on your device. It has custom cutout design to give access to power button and volume rockers.

vivo v5 plus back cover

Acrylic vivo v5 mirror cover comes in golden color. Similar to above, it has precise cutouts for button and installed easily in your device. It protect phone from scratches and spills and attract your audience toward your phone. It weighs only 50g including the back and bumper.

back cover for vivo v5

Yet another vivo v5 back cover from the house of SDO a leading Chinese back cover export company. SDO case is available on bright rose gold color. It looks so wonderful and fit so precisely that you forget you ever had a back cover.

Transparent Silicone Vivo V5 Plus Back Cover w/ or w/o Bumper

Transparent cases are for those who wants to show how perfect their phone looks like but with a case.

back case for vivo v5 plus

Top grade transparent vivo v5 back cover comes with gold color bumper. It is made with silicone which is known for being light and protective. It retains rear branding and protect your device from dust and scratches.

vivo v5 transparent back cover
PralQ vivo v5 plus back cover is completely naked. It is soft as it is made with silicone it has weight of just 9g. You can wash it with water. It does retains its quality in long run.

Rugged Armor & Sniper Back Cases for Vivo V5/Plus

Rugged cases are rough & touch case which is made for protection. But, their are designed in a way to look cool and badass. Have a look at top armor cases for vivo v5.

vivo v5 plus back cover

Zaedak rugged back cover for Vivo V5 is made with silicone material. It provides complete protection to your device from all environmental damages. Zaedak vivo v5 back cover rugged case has ultra slim thickness and rugged design makes it easier to hold in hand and provide ultimate grip. It is easy to install and remove, no necessary wears and tears required.

back cover for vivo v5

This armor case is available at It has a very user friendly design with a kickstand to enjoy movies and games with controller. It comes in 6 different color variants at same price. This vivo v5 plus armor cover outer layer is made with polycarbonate and inner layer with TPU.

back cover for vivo v5 plus

Excelsior Vivo v5 back cover comes with unique camo style. It has dual layer for bother outer and inner protection. The outer layer is made with hard polycarbonate material and the soft inner layer is made with TPU material. In simple words, this case provides you complete protection, style and most over everything, style.

360° Protection Back & Front Cover Assembly

If you need complete protection on both front and back go with these cases.

vivo v5 back cover

This is the super slim and light weighted back cover for your vivo v5 plus and variants. It comes with precise screen cut out tempered glass for front protection. It protect your device from accidental drops, bumps dust and scratches. A perfect investment for your expensive android phone provided by iPaky.

vivo v5 back case

This case provide 360 degree complete safeguard with the luster of metal. It has 3 different layers of protection, it has back protection cover, front protection cover with screen protected tempered glass. All such at the price of under 300.

Have any suggestion or already using any cases, please review using the comment section below. Other Vivo V5 users are waiting to hear from you about your experience with these cases.

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