Welcome to Au5.IN | The (future) community of tech fanatics, travelling monks and shop-stoppers. We also like fashionastics peeps and ready to accept content. 

About Au5.In

At Au5.IN you can find and publish tech, travel and fashion related articles for free. Au5 is made a year ago (1 Jan 2016) with an objective to provide tech related deals and offers in India to shopping lords. However I found that niche too normie and opt in to turn into a review generation site.

Though I have switched from WordPress to Blogger for financial issues but I enjoyed it even lot than that. In short, I can say it loud, Blogger is best.

Au5 Future Goals 

I want to keep this blog as helpful as I can. My future goal is to expand its niche to travel and current fashion. Though, still want to protect it from ugly "mags" blogs and "story sharing" sites.

About Me

Hey I am Rahul Malhotra hails from Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh). I am a student of MBA HRM from SMU DE (regular college sucks). I am interested in modern technology since early age and enjoy the fruit of their trees. I had my previous education in BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application). I am currently working in Sony ASC (Authorized Service Center) as a Backend Coordinator.

If you interested in social eHangout you can follow me on instagram @rustyrahu911.